Rivages du Monde

Since its creation in 2001, Rivages du Monde has imagined original itineraries on the rivers and seas of the world to satisfy all lovers of cultural discovery and relaxation. On the Volga, the Danube, the Moldau, the Douro, or much further towards the rising sun, on the Mekong, on the Irrawaddy in Burma, Rivages du Monde offers a range of river cruises that allow a real approach to destinations, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of boats, on a human scale. Towards Spitsbergen or Southern Land, it is with the same state of mind that Rivages du Monde offers with its maritime cruises original discoveries at the ends of the world. Cruises under the sign of discovery Rivages du Monde designs each of its cruises with a cultural approach. In Russia, the itineraries allow a minimum of two days in Moscow and three in St. Petersburg; on the Danube, from Passau to Bucharest, the cruise allows an in-depth discovery of Mitteleuropa and New Europe. On the Mekong, the program is designed with two full days in Angkor. Guided tours, included in the price of cruises, enhance each stopover, supplemented by a wide choice of optional excursions. On board the boats, specialist lecturers introduce passengers to familiarize them and deepen their knowledge of the destinations crossed. Extensions offered before or after the cruise allow a wider discovery of different regions or countries. Friendly, even intimate, boats where the Francophonie is in the spotlight Far from the image of gigantic liners, Rivages du Monde charters boats on a human scale, of great comfort, where a warm and friendly atmosphere reigns which can accommodate 65 to 500 passengers depending on the cruise. The style of the Rivages du Monde boats is unquestionably seductive! Another of the strengths of Rivages du Monde cruises is the French-speaking environment that they offer with attentive staff who listen to passengers, from the cruise director to the lecturer, from the host to the guides. An undeniable „plus“ which contributes to the success of Rivages du Monde cruises!

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