MS Deborah

The barge cruise is an authentic and timeless experience. A privileged moment, a soothing parenthesis where we take the time to discover the « sweet France » otherwise. The MS Deborah is a magnificent 5 anchor barge, measuring 38.5 meters long and 5.07 meters wide. She can accommodate 22 passengers, in 11 cabins, each with all amenities and offering the best living conditions. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail and passengers benefit from personalized attention, the promise of an unforgettable cruise. The decoration harmoniously combines purple, silver and matte black, creating a particularly welcoming atmosphere. Located at the level of the upper deck, the restaurant, where are served all meals during the trip, offers delicate cuisine in a refined setting. On this same deck are also the lounge-bar and the jacuzzi, while the sun deck, equipped with comfortable deckchairs, is the ideal place to relax and peacefully admire the landscapes along the water.


On-Board Bikes

Römisches Bad

Personal Safe

Flat Screen TV

MS Deborah
Baujahr des Schiffes: -
Gerenoveerd: -
Maximale Anzahl Passagiere: 22
Anzahl der Decks: 3
Technische Information
Bruttoraumzahl: -
Länge: -
Breite: -
Tiefe: -
Reisegeschwindigkeit: -
Stromspannung: -
Trampen: -
Schwimmbecken: -
Fitness/Wellness: -
Anzahl Restaurants: -
Spezialitätenrestaurants: -
Kino: -
Einrichtungen für Kinder: -
Kasino: -
Disko: -
Nationalität der Offiziere: -
Anzahl der Besatzungsmitglieder: 6
Währung an Bord -

Main Deck

Main Deck

Upper Deck

Upper Deck

Sun Deck

Sun Deck
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